Due to the global widespread of the corona virus we will remain open until we are instructed otherwise!
Our customers health is our main priority and we are currently in talks daily with the World Health Organisation, STA & Swim England to ensure our swimmers & spectators are safe during this period.

Currently we are putting signage & bins in every changing room and in reception to support the CATCH IT – BIN IT – KILL IT. We would appreciate your co operation by ONLY putting tissues in the bins provided.

Aswell as the bins we are adding extra antibacterial hand wash in the changing room toilets.

Following on the news this morning Aquabelle remains open & will stay open until it is deemed necessary for us to close.

COVID-19 is inactive in the swimming pool water so is unable to spread during your lesson due to the chemicals in the chlorine

See statement from STA (swimming teachers Association)

The government will be releasing a statement at 3pm today and if required we will follow with a new statement.
If we are instructed to close, we will will reschedule classes when safe to do so.
Stay clean, stay safe
Thank you

Mel & Dawn